Hallucinogenic Paraphenalia

I read, in Incognito I think it was...

...that even when the eyes are closed the brain continues to produce images. And somewhere in the Instructables site there was an article about how to produce "safe hallucinations." 

Both these things came to my mind recently because I've started having a midday nap. I've found that it better prepares me for the afternoon's work than, for example, reading a book,  watching TV, or browsing the Internet. Books, TVs and Internet do not leave my mind free to wander or sleep. They distract me from work, which I suppose is good, but keep the brain tethered.

So as an experiment a few months ago, I decided to have a 30 minute nap. I use a timer, a blindfold (which you used to get on long haul flights) and some ear plugs. My hallucinogenic paraphenalia:

I need the timer (which beeps for a minute after the set time) for two reasons
  1. If I fall asleep it will wake me.
  2. If I am restless I know there is a limit, and I can get up when the timer beeps.

I lie on the sofa and let the blindfold and earplugs detach me from the world.

If I fall asleep I must have been tired and will work the better for it afterwards. If I don't fall asleep I wander on the edge of sleep and have hallucinations.

One of the most boring things to read or hear about is the dreams of others, so I won't say what I saw during these "pauses", but they are always interesting and sometimes fun (to me).

I recommend it, a safe trip into a strange world...


  1. Personally - when it comes to the hallucination department - I used to find 50mg lysergic acid dimethylamide to be highly effective.

    1. Hmmm, so you don't love your brain....

    2. When bathed in oxytocin, my brain is capable of generating intense feelings of love, some of which - in theory at least - might find itself reflected back on its own incredible architecture. But in reality, I find the love tends to flow in an outward direction. You know:
      "Hello clouds, hello sky."
      ... that sort of thing


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