I know exactly how conceptual art works.

I know exactly how conceptual art works. If you are a lucky and well connected "artist" you get some more skillful craftsmen to make your "concepts" and present them as your own work. The dealers and you, the famous artist, make money out of rich idiots who are unable to think for themselves. Eventually, after many years, some poor fool will be left with worthless objects, wondering what happened to their investments.

Where are the concepts in conceptual art? What can compete (in terms of amazing realities) with relativity, evolution, or quantum electrodynamics?

One test. Imagine that civilization seems to be collapsing. You are in a very cold place. You have two sets of artworks which you could burn to keep warm. They will give the same amount of heat for the same time. You have a ton of sketches by Tracy Emin, and two paintings by Giorgione. Which do you burn first?

Search Tracy Emin's sketches and Giorgione's paintings in Google image search to help you decide.


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