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My will.

"My will is hitching a ride on my body, and my body goes where the hell it likes"
   - Owen Ransen, blog post "My Will".

This phrase popped into my head as I ate my ninth biscuit while reading "Apathy, and other small victories" by Paul Neilan.

 I read it and enjoyed it in 2006 when it first came out. And I'm reading it again and enjoying it again.

"Apathy" seems to have been his first and only novel.

But where is Paul Neilan now? If he's reading this (he isn't, only I read these blog posts) I think he is a real writer, and I'd like him to write another book for me to enjoy.

Wikipedia has a strange entry on him, which finishes in an odd way:

"Paul has three brothers, John, Michael, and Ryan. He is the second oldest, followed by Michael and then Ryan. He has 3 nieces and a nephew. Lily Neilan, Lucy Neilan, Avery Neilan, and Quinn Neilan. He lives in New Jersey."

3 nieces and a nephew? What has that got to do with anythi…

Primitive Eyes and Giordano Bruno

I'm sort of investigating an idea of primitive vision (as in: "how did it evolve?"), artificial neural networks and the Arduino.

I'm making a primitive eye, deliberately avoiding video cameras. Here it is partially constructed:

It is all very hand made and I was experimenting with the positioning of the sensors (LDRs). I struck me that the drawing on the piece of hardware looked very like one of Giordano Bruno's strange diagrams, for example:

Bruno's diagram is called Campus Martis.

There are 7 sensors. I could have chosen 9 7 5 or 3. But I chose 7 because, believe it or not, I thought to myself, Newton would have liked 7. He chose 7 as the number of colors in the rainbow, but the choice is arbitrary, unless you consider the magical powers assigned to the number 7. And Newton did.

Extract from the soon to be viral management book: Think Like An Octopus

I've been lucky enough to be granted a tiny sneak preview of the new block busting soon to be viral future management book: "Think Like An Octopus" written by my friends Wan Kerr, T. Watt and C. Untingham.

"As you probably already know an octopus has eight (yes 8!!!) brains. If you learn to think like an octopus, you will also learn to grab the future with all 8 of your tentacles..."

Intrigued? That was just to wet/whet you appetite, more coming soon...

Drawings from 2019 to 2020

Here's the why, and here is the what:

I had an exhibition in 2019 because...

I had an exhibition in 2019 because in 2016 I heard that a co-worker had died. He was thin, healthy, active, intelligent, and cancer got him at 70. That gave me a kick up the bum.

I thought: "Should I really waste my time on the sofa watching TV/Netflix stuff I'm not really interested in? If --- died at 70, so could I. Stop wasting time."

So over three years I produced these drawings from 2017 to 2018s, and these from 2019 to 2020.

And in 2020, with coronavirus attacking (above all) the aged, I've started on a new project which will again take me three years...

Part of the new art project involves neural networks, so I created an Arduino version of the standard back propagation neural network, posted here if you want to try it yourself...

Drawings from 2017 to 2018

The why is explained in this link.

The what is here: