Tricked Again!

I should have payed more attention. I should have been more suspicious. And yet I agreed to go and see a film I'd never heard of at an arty cinema in Legnano. It was "Il Giovane Favoloso" ("The Fabulous Youngster") about the Italian poet Leopardi. And my God it was long, boring and depressing. Here's the poster so you know what to avoid:

During the titles I saw it had been presented at the Venice Film Festival. "Oh ohhh," I thought. Then I saw that about 13 banks and 2 local councils and a TV company had financed it, I realised I'd fallen into a trap again. Having to get money from so many sources to make a film usually means the film will be no good.

So here's how to avoid films like this:

Be alert! It could save your life!


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