Three Fantasies

I can't remember when the first one came to me, but the fantasy is of an infinite plane of rural England, always green, and villages with pubs which sell beer which never give you a headache. I'd walk from village to village under a not too hot sun, tasting the local brews, slightly tipsy, forever happy.

The second one came while I was working for Inmos Parallel Processors in Tokyo. Our bosses, when visiting Japan, would take me and another bloke out for a drink at night in the posher, taller, hotels in the center of Toyko. So on the top floor, with Mai Tais and/or Singapore Slings in hand, we'd look out over the traffic below and as far as we could see the cars and lit neons on small bars would stretch to the horizon. And with the alcohol in my brain I'd somehow dream of becoming (after death? after work?) a spirit hanging in the air over the busy streets of Tokyo, watching the lit up nightlife for ever.

The third fantasy comes when I look at certain wine labels here in Italy. I prefer the ones with rural scenes on them, because as I sip the red wine (usually red wine has these scenes) I imagine living in that Italian countryside, maybe in the castle or villa near the vinyards. Again for ever and ever. Some Italian water bottles have that effect on me too.

So my ideal heaven would be a world 33% infinite English countryside, 33% infinite Tokyo nightlife, and 33% infinite Italian vinyards.


  1. ... and alcohol featuring prominently in all three, it would appear. But then who am I to judge?

    Fantasy no.1 by the way could be a description of my walk from Land's End to Cape Wrath.


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