The strangeness of Sam Harris's support of Tim Ferriss ("The Four Hour Work Week").

I like Sam Harris's books. He's an aethistic neuroscientist/philospher who writes plainly and clearly. I was curious about Tim Ferriss's podcasts. I did not know that the two were slightly connected. In one of the Ferris podcasts Sam Harris mentions that he wishes he could do all or some of the stuff recommended in "The Four Hour Work Week". This connection seems strange to me...

One of Tim Ferris's ways of working less (according to Ferriss himself) was to set up a brain supplement selling site. The supplement is called BrainQuicken. Hmm. There have been no tests which proved it work. Ferriss claims to have made $40,000 a month from it. Those claims have been disputed.

So, Sam Harris support of Ferriss is a sort of testimonial. A testimonial of a person who claims to make money selling worthless pills. Is it worse or better that he makes $40,000 a month? Because if it is true then he is taking $480,000 a year from the gullible, some of whom probably can ill afford the price of the useless pills. If it is not true then he is lying (duh!).

Hence my puzzlement of the Harris-Ferriss connection.

Search in google for

sam harris tim ferriss podcast

to find the podcast.

Disclaimer (we all have to disclaim these days): I'm not suggesting that Ferris paid Harris anything. And if anybody can point me to an independent double blind study which shows that BrainQuicken works I'll change my assumption that it doesn't.


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