Would you miss this?

Would you miss the blog? I've noticed that a large proportion of "viewers" are actually automated system trying to get me to click back to see where the link is coming from. So I have even fewer viewers than I imagined.

This blog is a good way for me to put down ideas and experiences, but if nobody is out there I may as well just talk to myself. Talking to myself I can be more honest about some things...

So, leave a comment if you would like me to carry on writing.


  1. To be honest I hadn't been reading this until this year. Hence the lack of a November reply.

    You'll have to admit though, other year's additions to the blog have been of greater caliber than 2016 has been so far. :)

  2. Oh well. Luckily I have so few readers all I have to do is satisfy is myself...


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