How my mind reacts to text/signs, and how to nature.

Last week, to escape the not humid weather of Lombardia we visited some friends with a flat in Val Sesia, an Alpine valley, much cooler than where we live near Milano.

I was not driving so I could look out at the passing scenery. And I noticed how my mind reacted to any text or artificial signage compared with any "pure nature".

As we drove by I'd think "That's a bad logo," and I'd imagine a very poor amateur artist being asked by a local company to design a logo. . "That's a good logo," and I'd wonder who designed it. And "I'm glad we're still making something in Europe" when I see a small factory making specialist mechanical parts. 

Every single phrase or commercial man made image on a roadside ad provoked a word-thought reaction. I expect that you would have had different reactions, but I imagine you mind would have reacted.

And as we moved further into the countryside the signs got fewer and fewer and I just looked into the forests, mountains, fields, and there was no "intellectual" judgement in my thought reactions to what I saw, just seeing and contentment and pleasure.

I know these aren't great photos, but you get the idea. There are no words.


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