Angeli archangeli troni

I don't know why, but when I was 15 Gregorian chants and early religous music got hold of me and never let me go. I used to go to the library in Biggleswade and borrow LPs of this music, record it onto audio cassettes (piracy!) and listen to the music at night alone in my bedroom. It is often great music, soul touching. That must be the reason. I didn't know Latin then and I don't know Latin now.

I heard about this CD (CD? yes I'm attached to physical things), "Lucezia Borgia's Daughter"...

...somewhere and bought it.

All the motets are wonderful but the last track Angeli archangeli troni is amazing. I listened to it four or five times before reading the words and translation. I almost wished I hadn't. Just in as the Bach masses it is best to listen to the music of the voices and instruments without understanding the words.

The worst thing about Catholic funerals is the recited list of saints who are supposed to pray for the deceased. I don't like this list because it is so illogical, even within the Catholic faith. If God is omnipotent and all-knowing he is already knows if the deceased is going to hell, purgatory or direct heaven. So what can pleading with the saints change?

Anyway, my favourite track, Angeli archangeli troni, is the 1500 equivalent of asking a list of saints to intercede with God. And it is amazing. And even when it is finished its chords hang in the mind for ages.


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