I have no choice but to be agnostic

I was reviewing some calculus (at 60 years old? why? a long story) and it suddenly struck me that the derivative of  y = x-cubed and all the calculus like it is amazing:

The 3 comes down in front of the x and the same three is replaced by a power one less powerful. How come it is so simple, clean and elegant?

And some people think that maths is a human invention, but the fact that derivatives are useful and complete and accurate in the real physical world proves (to me) that maths is not a human invention. The world follows their laws. And if humans had not invented calculus the physical world would carry on echoing the laws of calculus.

For some reason this led me to think about theism and atheism, and that often they use the same arguments, really, in the end, when push comes to shove:

  1. Theist: God did it (whatever it is).
  2. Atheist: The universe exists because it does.

Neither phrase, assertion, is satisfactory to me. So I have no choice but to be agnostic. Currently. And if forced to answer I'd say I'm more atheist (95%) than theist (5%).


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