This morning there was a thump and rustling on the balcony and I wondered what our cat was up to. He came into the house and hid under the stairs with something small and black in his mouth. It was a tiny bird. I shooed him back out onto the balcony, He was anxious that I did not get hold of his prey and went out pretty easily. I think the bird was already dead by then. I shut the door of the kitchen and he settled down outside to eat what he'd caught.

I went out later and all that was left was a tiny puddle of liquid and a feather or two. A few hours later the cat walked in and did not appear to notice a small black and white bird standing near the remains of the other bird. The live bird had thumped into the window half an hour previously, but luckily had recovered itself enough to fly away. Anyway, I thought that maybe the eaten bird was this tiny live bird's mate, and for a quarter of a second I just wanted to give up and die.


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