You don't need to go very far to see wonders...

I love clouds, my friends mock me or look at me as if I'm mad, but a goodly shaped cloud just gives me a warm infinity feeling.

These photos were all from the balcony of my flat over the last two years or so. It's tempting to stay inside and watch Law & Order I know, but with a bit of effort there's a whole strange universe out there before my very eyes.

In this photo you can see that the Earth's horizon is cutting off the sun's rays halfway down the cloud...

...behind my head the sun is going down.

I tried to imagine what strange winds could have created this...

...I suppose there was an invisible undulation of air.

And for real drama...

I don't need to waste money going to exotic places, it is all here before me, if only I'd remember to open my eyes more often.


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