Spider on Mint

I've already blogged about how much I like my Veho (and how to get 200X magnification out of it) so when I saw a tiny spider on my mint plant I decided it was time to get the USB microscope out again.

I brought the mint plant into the house onto the computer table, but as usual getting things into focus and at a decent magnification is a bit of a struggle. I managed like this:

You can see the tiny dot of the spider in real life and its image from the Veho on the screen. It is about 1mm large. I balanced the microscope stand on a book and a box and was careful not to break the web of the spider:
It was disturbed by me poking around in its jungle and started to run around a bit. I managed to get a few more nice shots:

The motion blur below was caused by the spider running around too much.

Aren't nature, science and engineering wonderful?


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