Elegiaic Reserved Thoughtful Tripe

There is a film of some fruit in a jar by Tacita Dean...
According to the Guardian's art editorial this eleven minute film is:

  • Elegiaic.
  • Reserved.
  • Thoughtful.
  • Epic.
  • Intimate.
  • In touch with history. 
  • Elemental.
  • About decay.
  • About nostalgia.
  • Treating contested geographical borders.
  • Has a deep back story.
  • About the death immanent of things.
It is an editorial and I can't find the by-line. I imagine the author is too embarassed to admit to writing such tripe. It is easier to say "Thoughtful" than to think. It is easier to say "Epic" than to create.

Anyway that was the last straw. I listen to arts podcasts and read reviews of art, books and films in the hope or learning about something brilliant lovely interesting new. But only 10% of what is written or said by the critics makes any sense. The rest is pompous and pointless. So I'm going on a diet from critics, the pain of the 90% cannot be offset the pleasure of the 10%. A year without them, will I survive?


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