Color Names and Pure Water

I had an argument with a web designer about a color scheme. The color scheme used by the web designer in a web site could be summarised like this:

I offered an opinion that shades of dirty blue grey were not ideal, especially when used in other components of the web design. It looks like a sky from the end of the world as envisioned by a teenage heavy metal fan, aspiring satanist. The web designer retorted that the colors were not dirty blue grey but were mixes of, wait for it,...

  • Queen Blue
  • Dark Skate Grey
  • Japanese Indigo
  • Moonstone Blue
  • Space Cadet

Now look at the image again, knowing the names:

Does it look a bit nicer now? Maybe. But that does not solve the problem (of the dirty grey blue) because a viewer of the web site would not know the names of the colors used, and so would not be affected by them.

Like homeopathy, the magic doesn't work unless you label it.


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