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Scary Chewing Gum – The Super-People

I was chewing away on some gum when I suddenly noticed the picture on the box... … I mean just look at those people! Don't they seem like super human giants just ready to take over the world? It looks like the designer found a stock photo of some healthy Scandinavian blue-eyed blondes and added extra-big teeth. The image scares me. And it is false advertising, I've chewed through a ton of this stuff, but my hair is still grey, my eyes are still grey and I still don't smile wildly like they do. And what are they looking at? The universe and beings they dominate?

Intelligent women and stupid men

She was young and intelligent, and because she was intelligent she had doubts. He was young and stupid, and, because he was stupid, he had no doubts. When she suggested that she'd like to become a doctor, maybe even a medical researcher, he smiled down at her, full of love and condescension, and told her that women were not made for that sort of thing. Women were too delicate and not intellectually capable of the effort required. He was very sure of what he said. She was full of doubt, and accepted his clear conviction of his own rightness. It was that sort of culture. Over the next fifteen years she came to understand (without a doubt) that he really was stupid. And realised she'd wasted her life because of him.