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When a programmer dies suddenly

For years I've used a program from a small Dutch company to record audio from web sites, Polder Bits Sound Recorder. It is a great little program that cost about $40. It is ideal, perfect, wonderful, for what I need.   I bought a new computer and I thought that I could support the small company by buying a second license for the new computer (rather than transfering the old license from the old computer). But the Polder Bits site was down. I found out that the author had died in a car crash. According to one forum: "Unfortunately Rudy Kok, developer of the Polderbits Sound Recorder and Editor, died in 2011. No new versions of his software have been produced. His company Polderbits does not exist any more." I hope Rudy had a good life up to then. He knew how to write a good Windows program that's for sure. And I thought about my customers. What if that happened to me? They can buy from my distributor 2Checkout. But if 2Checkout requ

Italian American India Pale Ale

Recently I've got a taste for IPA (India Pale Ale) beer. It started with Poretti beer: It made me smile to realise that this is an Italian , American , India , Pale Ale invented in England . A pretty international beer eh? Then I thought I'd try another brand of IPA,  how about Moretti? That made me laugh too, they cut through the prolixity and just said that IPA stands for Italian Pale Ale: I love you both!