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Sometimes it is better to forget

As the hoards of therapists decend on the latest disaster, insisting on "helping" the traumatized, maybe they should forget their Freudian "the mind is a pressure cooker" model of that amazing organ and note that only about 10% of the traumatized need therapy. 90% prefer friends and/or forgetting as a way of coping. And for some of those 90% therapy will actually hurt them. I got those figures from studies quoted in "A Guide to the Good Life" by William Irvine: It linked up to another book I read last year about that tight-fisted liar, fraud and cult leader Freud, "Freud" by Frederick Crews : The problem for some therapists really is that they do not understand science, and so psychoanalysis (which was never ever a science) is ideal for them, just learn the buzzwords, memorize the books and you're done! The mind is a pressure cooker, what goes in must come out! Else it will hurt you! That is the law as laid down by our god, Fr