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A sub-mystery

I pointed out in another post that, in my humble opinion, the two main mysteries of life and the universe are: Why is there something and not nothing? How come we are conscious? And one of the sub-mysteries is how well mathematics works in the real world. This was pointed out in a book I was reading early one morning... ... but it struck me again as I was listening to this on the evening of the same day... There is of course much art and skill in the music, and the music is based on mathematical relationships which create the chords which touch us. And where does all this mathematics come from? (The book by the way is very readable even if you have no ability in mathematics. And the music is wonderful, even if you don't understand Latin. In fact it is probably better not to understand Latin, so you can concentrate on the music. And don't use it as background music, it is music to listen too.)