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Like Jewels

It had been raining all night and when I got up in the morning the plants on the balcony had drops of rain on them like jewels hanging down. First I saw them then the phrase "like jewels" jumped into my mind. Which was a pity because "like jewels" is almost a clichè and took away from the sight the actual beauty of it. Almost as if once described with a poetic clichè … what? I've said in an other blog post that saying that a cloud looks like a dog with a ball or a laughing head destroys and distracts from the real beauty of the cloud. And so does the phrase "like jewels" when talking of drops of water, backlit, hanging from the green leaves. After that five second slip I managed to get back to the joy of the vision, without thinking of anything else. The photo does not convey the reality of what I saw, maybe 5% of it. Real life dynamic human binocular vision is still better than photos.

"There's a bishop at the door." Is that a Euphemism?

You'll have to listen to " Fags Mags and Bags " to find out... takes some time to get into the series, but is well worth the effort.