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You are going to be dust sooner than you think, so...

I was born before smartphones phones had been invented, (before even mobile phones were around come to that). I won't bore you with my objections to their use. Not objections to the objects themselves, but their use. Anyway. I'll try to stop being a boring old fart. But. But. I was at restaurant with some friends by an Italian lake one evening.  The view was, well... And the Moon was out. I walked ten meters to the shore to look. I took a photo. I said "There's a lovely crescent Moon." (A bit blurred in the photo, wonderful in reality.) Someone else took a photo on their phone. They showed it to a third person seated at the restaurant table (outside, not in the restaurant). This person said: "But Owen, it's a full Moon! Not a crescent Moon!"  "It is a crescent Moon... have a look," I replied. They didn't. The smartphone camera made the Moon look full, on the screen. That is not what I am objec