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Covid This Covid That, Dystopia This Dystopia That

The recent months have shown just how unimaginative 99% of the "creatives", "artists", "writers" and "comedians" of the world are. Their "unique" points of view, their reactions, their jokes are exactly the same as everybody else's. It's Covid this and Covid that, dystopia this and dystopia that. What a bore. Quiet a few celebrities/famous people have been making podcasts. Often they are one one famous person talking to another famous person. Twiggy's is an example... ...but it is not interesting, maybe because the interviewer and the interviewee are friends. Then there are quite a few blokey podcasts, again boring because there is no tension in the discussion, they are just two or three blokes having a chat. The first exception is Grounded with Louis Theroux ... Almost all the episodes have been good, filling an hour with interesting and novel conversation. There is one exception, the one with Chris O'Dowd. It fails may