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The Moon, Venus, Orion and astrology

  I got up early this morning to an astounding sight: The Moon, Venus and Orion all there together. The photo doesn't do the scene justice, it was magnificent and cheered me up no end. Here's a quick guide to the above photo.    And here is the crescent Moon above Venus, closer up: The names of the constellation reminded me of a book I read a few months ago, " A Scheme of Heaven: Astrology and the Birth of Science " by Alexander Boxer.     It is a brilliant book. There was even a laugh out loud moment, which as a far as I can remember goes like this, reported in a contemporary diary, set in an Italian court in the 1500s: Courtier: "You know astrology is rubbish? It does not work!" Court Astrologer, shrugs shoulders, nods and replies: "But a man has to make a living!" (Strangely, even two modern day astrologers gave the book five stars (as I did). Apparently they had not read the book. Maybe they looked at the illustrations, and guessed what the tex