I had an exhibition in 2019 because...

I had an exhibition in 2019 because in 2016 I heard that a co-worker had died. He was thin, healthy, active, intelligent, and cancer got him at 70. That gave me a kick up the bum.

I thought: "Should I really waste my time on the sofa watching TV/Netflix stuff I'm not really interested in? If --- died at 70, so could I. Stop wasting time."

So over three years I produced these drawings from 2017 to 2018s, and these from 2019 to 2020.

And in 2020, with coronavirus attacking (above all) the aged, I've started on a new project which will again take me three years...

Part of the new art project involves neural networks, so I created an Arduino version of the standard back propagation neural network, posted here if you want to try it yourself...


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