I'm beginning to see ghosts

 I'm beginning to see ghosts. Not often, only sometimes. They usually appear during the day. A man or woman standing nearby listing to the conversation I'm having with a human or animal. They are like standing up shadows, or dark slowly moving sculptures. I turn to look and they are gone. They are neither menacing nor friendly, just slightly disquieting. 

Years ago I heard a doctor talking about an oldish woman who kept seeing the Manchester United football team in her kitchen. She asked the doctor if she was going mad. He knew she had problems with her eyes, and knew she was sane  and intelligent, and so gave this explanation: "The brain, when not getting all the data it needs, will invent things, dragging from memory images which might possibly fit the poor data from old eyes and/or in poorly lit rooms."

So it is an interesting phenomenon, and that is all.

(But who are they, and what do they want with me?)


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