Malicious Guiding Rainbows

I had a trick for falling asleep when I woke at 2:30 am as I often do. I would set myself a destination and would, in my imagination, drive from my place to a friends house, or a shop or where I work. 

So I'd pass the green grassy area where dog walkers went, then under the railway bridge in Canegrate, passed Marylin's Bar, down the hill towards San Vittore Olona. I usually fell asleep before I got to my destination.

For a few months it worked, and then I noticed rainbows appearing in the middle of the road. Longways, as if guiding me. Pretty things, but unreal. A month or so after the rainbows came colorful flat irregular polygons floating around and inside the buildings I'd been using as markers. Like huge panes of colored glass rotating in space, o hovering above gardens. Sometimes like ghosts they could enter into the buildings as if they were just a strange sort of light.

These polygons did not seem less friendly. And now I wonder if the guiding rainbows were really my friends.

So I no longer use that technique to fall asleep. 

(It was tempting to try to create and image of what I've described here, but I think your imagination can do a much better job.)


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